Rules & Safety


Please see our Global Rules & Safety section for any general questions about our Events.

Safety Bulletin


Please see our Global Safety bulletin on our Rules & Safety page here!


We work closely with the local authorities in all cities to ensure a secure event experience. We will of course observe the situation on an ongoing basis and information. We will publish regulations and protocols on our websites prior the event. The safety of our participants is our highest priority. All security measures meet the highest standards and will be coordinated between all Frankfurt (local) authorities, the policy, the fire department as well as the rescue service who will – especially under the current challenging situation – observe and evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis. We kindly ask all participants to cover their mouth and nose and to keep distance. In order to fulfil the rules of social distancing, we have limited the number of participants while using the same event area to generate more space for each participant. Based on past experiences we are confident that all participants will follow the guidance and instructions of the security staff  and event rules.