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Weekly TrainingWeek 3 Training

September 28, 2020

Join Celebrity Trainer Ron "Boss" Everline on a 4-week training journey to help you and your colleagues get ready for the big event!

Video Transcript

[upbeat music]

Ron "Boss" Everline: Hey guys! Congratulations on making it through week 2. You guys have done amazing. But guess what? Make sure you tap in with your colleagues, hold them accountable, hold yourself accountable. We’re just two weeks away from the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Virtual opening day. We got this. It’s week 3 and this week we’re gonna focus on core and lower body exercises to be working up to our 2.7 miles on our big Saturday run.

Ron "Boss" Everline: We’re gonna go back and forth.

Ron "Boss" Everline: And jump.

Ron "Boss" Everline: Jump. Jump squats.

Ron "Boss" Everline: We’re gonna step down, push back. Step, push back.

Ron "Boss" Everline: And we’re gonna alternate.

Ron "Boss" Everline: Keep your chest up.

Ron "Boss" Everline: And we’re gonna do shoulder taps right here without rocking your body.

Ron "Boss" Everline: This isn’t fast. It’s core control.

Ron "Boss" Everline: One, two, three, four. Getting it up there.

Ron "Boss" Everline: What you’re gonna do is your gonna balance on one leg. And we’re gonna go down, reach your hands, come back up. Good job.

Ron "Boss" Everline: This is the bandit. You gotta make sure you’re breathing at all times.

Ron "Boss" Everline: Why do I do that?

Desiree Lopez: You need more weight.


Week 3 Workout


2.55 mi / 2.8 km walk, jog, or run

Option A: 7 min Run / 30 sec Walk (4x)

Option B: 3 min Jog / 2 min Walk (for 2.55 miles + Walk for 24 min)


Strength Training (3x each set)

Set 1

  • 12–16 Alternating Lunges
  • 12–16 Jump Squats

Set 2

  • 12–16 Alternating Side Lunges
  • 30 sec Plank Reaches

Set 3

  • 12–16 Alternating Lunges
  • 15 sec In & Outs


2.55 km walk, jog, or run

Option A: 5 min Run / Walk 1 min (for 2.55 miles)

Option B: 1 min Jog / Walk 3 min (for 2.55 miles)


Strength Training (3x each set)

Set 1

  • 30 sec High Plank with Shoulder Taps
  • 30 sec High Plank with Knee to Elbow

Set 2

  • 12–16 Curl Press (*adjust weights as needed)
  • 12–16 Alternating Single Leg Deadlifts
  • 20–30 sec Mountain Climbers

Set 3

  • 12–16 Dumbbell or Banded Lateral Raises
  • 10 Hammer to Front Raises
  • 20–30 sec Side Plank



Take this day to recover


2.75 mi / 3.6 km walk, jog, or run

  • Option A: 7 min Run / 2 min Walk (for 2.75 miles)
  • Option B: Steady Run / 1 min Walk (for 2.75 miles)



Take this day to recover