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Weekly TrainingWeek 2 Training

September 21, 2020

Join Celebrity Trainer Ron "Boss" Everline on a 4-week training journey to help you and your colleagues get ready for the big event!

Video Transcript

[upbeat music]

Logo: J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.

Text on screen: Hashtag Remix The Run.

On screen: An athletic man with short black hair, Ron "Boss" Everline, speaks to us remotely.

Text on screen: Ron "Boss" Everline, Celebrity Trainer and CEO of Just Train.

Ron "Boss" Everline: Alright guys, we got through week one, so pat yourself on the back. But guess what? We have more work to do. We’re three weeks away from the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.

Side note: As Ron speaks, the video quickly skips backward and forward in a record-scratching effect.

Ron "Boss" Everline: We’re remixing this challenge up. We’re remixing the training up. We’re remixing everything. So lets remix, and get to moving and get to being the best self this year.

Text on screen: J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Virtual - Hashtag Remix the Run. Week Two: Training with Ron "Boss" Everline.

Ron "Boss" Everline: It’s week two and we’re starting to get moving. This week we’re gonna focus on core and lower body exercises and be working up to our 2.25 miles on our big Saturday run.

Text on screen: Week Two Workout. (Take a screenshot)

1.75 Mile Walk, Jog, or Run.
Option A: 5 minute run and 30 second rest (for 1.75 miles).
Option B: 7 minute walk and 1 minute fast walk (for 1.75 miles).

Strength Training (3 times each set).
SET 1:
12 to 16 Step-Ups (weights are optional).
12 to 16 Alternating Step-Back Lunges.
SET 2:
30 second Hamstring Bridges.
8 Dumbbell Squats (adjust weights as needed).
20 to 20 second Side Plank with Top Leg Raised.
SET 3:
15 Single Leg Hip Bridge.
12 to 16 Russian Twists.
30 to 60 second Planks.

2 Mile Walk, Jog, or Run.
Option A: 4 minute jog and 1 minute walk (for 2 miles).
Option B: 6 minute walk and 2 minute jog (for 2 miles).

Strength Training (3 times each set.)
SET 1:
8 to 10 Shoulder Press (adjust weights as needed).
Overhead Tricep Extension (adjust weights as needed).
12 to 16 Alternating High Plank Knee to Elbow.
SET 2:
10 Dumbbell Deadlifts.
12 to 16 Alternating Split Lunges.
8 to 10 Bent-Over Flies.
SET 3:
30 to 60 second Plank Reaches.
30 to 60 second High Plank Jacks.
8 to 10 Dumbbell Squat Press.
25 second In & Outs.

Rest and Stretch
Take this day to recover.

2.25 Mile Walk, Jog, or Run.
3 minute fast jog and 90 second walk (for 2.25 miles).

Rest and Stretch
Take this day to recover.

On screen: "Boss" Everline is in a spacious workout room with Sports Trainer Desiree Lopez, a woman with long dark hair.

Ron "Boss" Everline: Ready? Keep your core tight.

Text on screen: Weighted Squat - 8 reps. Strengthens your legs!

On screen: Boss and Desiree demonstrate the weighted squat. Bending their knees, they lower their hips from a standing position - and then stand back up, repeatedly. They hold dumbbells with their arms straight, to the side of their bodies.

Ron "Boss" Everline: Obviously I’m looking good doing this and you’re going to look just as good too.

Text on screen: Split Lunge - 8 reps.

On screen: Boss positions his leg forward (with knee bent and foot flat on the ground) while the other leg is positioned behind him. As he repeatedly shifts his weight to his forward leg, he moves his arms back and forth (as if running.)

Ron "Boss" Everline: I like to use my hands, feel like an athlete.

On screen: Desiree is still doing the weighted squats.

Ron "Boss" Everline: How you feel Desiree Lopez?

Desiree Lopez: I’m like 12 in now. Where you at?

Text on screen: Overhead Triceps Extension - 8 reps. Strengthens your arms!

Ron "Boss" Everline: Reach for the stars.

On screen: Boss lifts a dumbbell until his arm is fully extended with palm facing upward and elbows pointing forward. He bends his elbow up behind his head and then slowly, repeatedly, lifts and lowers the dumbbell behind his head. Desiree does the exercise too, but with her elbow up in front of her head.

Ron "Boss" Everline: Overhead triceps extensions. Keeping your core tight. She likes the elbow here, but you can bring the elbow behind your head.

Text on screen: Dumbbell Deadlifts - 10 reps.

On screen: Boss and Desiree demonstrate dumbbell deadlifts. They both hold a pair of dumbbells in front of themselves with an overhand grip, palms facing their bodies. They hinge forward at their hips, slightly bending their knees, lowering the dumbbells toward the floor and then raising them back to their knees repeatedly.

Ron "Boss" Everline: How do you guys feel? Good!

Text on screen: Alternating High Plank - 30 seconds. Tightens your core!

On screen: Boss starts from a high plank position, (as if at the top of a "push-up.") Boss lifts his leg, pulling his knee toward the opposite shoulder. He pushes his knee back to the starting position and then alternates with the other leg. Desiree does the alternating high plank training exercise too.

Ron "Boss" Everline: One, two, three, four. Getting it up there.

Text on screen: Single Leg Hip Bridge - 15 reps.

On screen: Boss and Desiree Lie on the floor. They place one leg straight up and bend the other leg with foot flat on the floor mat. They place their arms down on the floor, to each side of their hips. They raise their bodies by extending the hip of their bent leg, keeping the extended leg and hip straight. They return to original position by lowering their bodies with their extended leg and hip straight. They do this repeatedly.

Ron "Boss" Everline: Keeping that leg right at that knee. Slight angle. Driving up.

Text on screen: High Plank Jacks - 8 reps.

On screen: Boss and Desiree demonstrate high plank jacks. Starting from the high plank position, legs straight and feet next to each other, they jump their legs outward to the side, and then back to the starting position - quickly and repeatedly.

Ron "Boss" Everline: And we’re gonna jump. Keeping your core tight, back flat.

Side note: Boss grunts as he demonstrates the jumps.

Text on screen: Russian Twist - 30 seconds.

On screen: They demonstrate the Russian Twist. They sit on the floor with their legs out straight, ankles crossed. They lean back, slightly, twisting their torso from side to side without moving their legs. Whichever side their torso is twisting toward, they move their arms to the opposite side.

Ron "Boss" Everline: We’ve got to look in sync. These people are following us.

Text on screen: In and Outs - 25 reps.

On screen: Boss sits up, drawing his knees in towards his chest. Then he leans back and straightens his legs out, forward. He repeats the movements quickly. He holds his arms straight to his side. Desiree does the "in and out" training exercise as well, except she supports her body with her arms straight out, palms on the floor.

Ron "Boss" Everline: Are you tired yet?

Desiree Lopez: No.

Ron "Boss" Everline: I won’t stop. But your hands are down. I’m better.

Desiree Lopez: What?

Ron "Boss" Everline: Look at this, and look at you.

Desiree Lopez: Oh my god.

Ron "Boss" Everline: [playfully] I’m better than you!

Logo: J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge (registered trademark).

Text on screen: Visit us at for our weekly training plans. On social media:

  • Facebook at JPMorgan Corporate Challenge;
  • Twitter and Instagram: at JPMorgan;
  • hashtag JPMCC;
  • (and) hashtag Remix The Run.

Side note: Legal disclosures appear.

Text on screen: Participants must follow all applicable local, state, and national requirements and regulations regarding mask safety, exercise, and social distancing. If you have any known symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19 you should seek medical advice before participating in the Series.


Week 2 Workout


1.75 mi / 2.8 km walk, jog, or run

Option A: 5 min Run / 30 sec Rest (for 1.75 mi / 2.8 km)

Option B: 7 min Walk / 1 min Fast Walk (for 1.75 mi / 2.8 km)


Strength Training (3x each set)

Set 1

  • 12–16 Step-Ups (*weights are optional)
  • 12–16 Alternating Step-Back Lunge

Set 2

  • 30 sec Hamstring Bridges
  • 8 Dumbbell Squats (*adjust weights as needed)
  • 20–30 sec Side Plank with Top Leg Raised

Set 3

  • 15 Single Leg Hip Bridge
  • 12–16 Russian Twists
  • 30–60 sec Planks


2 mi / 3.2 km walk, jog, or run

Option A: 4 min Jog / 1 min Walk (for 2 mi / 3.2 km)

Option B: 6 min Walk / 2 min Jog (for 2 mi / 3.2 km)


Strength Training (3x each set)

Set 1

  • 8–10 Shoulder Press (*adjust weights as needed)
  • Overhead Triceps Extension (*adjust weights as needed)
  • 12–16 Alternating High Plank Knee to Elbow

Set 2

  • 10 Dumbbell Deadlifts
  • 12–16 Alternating Split Lunges
  • 8–10 Bent-Over Flies

Set 3

  • 30–60 sec Plank Reaches
  • 30–60 sec High Plank Jacks
  • 8–10 Dumbbell Squat Press
  • 25 sec In & Outs



Take this day to recover


2.25 mi / 3.6 km walk, jog, or run

3 min Fast Jog / 90 sec Walk (for 2.25 mi / 3.6 km)



Take this day to recover