Buenos Aires




Enjoy products from our sponsors Eco de los Andes and Arcor during event day! 


Eco de los Andes is proud to be an official partner of the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge. Starting at over 5,000 meters on top of the Cordillera de los Andes, our water gives you the perfect mineral balance your body needs for every step of the race.

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Arcor Turron & Mani is a one-of-a-kind snack: a crispy wafer filled with nougat and peanuts. A snack for all hours.

Arcor Natural Break is a healthy snack made up of dried fruits, fruits, and seeds and carefully developed by nutritionists for a 24-30-gram snack portion. 

Mogul, the prime brand in gummy candies from Argentina, is happy to help fuel J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge participants with the necessary energy to get the best performance throughout the event. The candies are soft, easy to digest, made with natural juices, yummy, celiac safe, and shaped in a practical way to ingest during physical activity.

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