Contact Us

For any questions or for more information about our event in your area, please email or call our Customer Service team at the appropriate city email or phone number below.

Event Name Email Phone
Boston 888-767-RACE
Buffalo 716-566-9916
Chicago 847-779-7444
Frankfurt +49 (0)69-6860-7015
Johannesburg 087 097 0011
London 0845-680-1475
New York 917-463-3954
Rochester 585-295-8551
San Francisco 415-839-6558
Shanghai 400 8200 421
Singapore +65 6248 5499
Sydney 1300 619 409
Syracuse 315-299-2669
The Championship 877-576-2278

If you have general questions about the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Series, you have two options. First, please be sure to read our FAQs, covering some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional thoughts or comments after that, please contact us at