The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge logo is available to all participants/media for any branding purposes. Examples would be t-shirts, internal communications, signage, etc. Below are the approved formats of the Corporate Challenge logo and guidelines for team t-shirt designs. If you have any questions please contact customer service.

1. Primary logo

Corporate Challenge Primary Logo Front T-shirt

2. Secondary logo

Corporate Challenge Secondary Logo Front T-shirt

3. Tertiary logo

Corporate Challenge Tertiary Logo Front T-shirt

When using Corporate Challenge branding to create designs for company team T-shirts, adhere to the following template guidelines.

  • Use on the front, back or sleeve as shown for branding placement.
  • Only one Corporate Challenge logo should be used on a shirt. No double logo usage.
  • Branding may be on the front of the shirt, on the back (below the neckline), or on the sleeve as shown.
  • The logo should measure 5”—8” in width.
  • Based on shirt color, designers should use their best judgment to determine whether black or white branding will provide better contrast.