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Race Details

The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Series is a world-wide series of 3.5-mile (5.6-km) running events open to groups of full-time employees from organizations within the business and public sectors. Participants may register only as part of a company team - no individual entries are accepted. After the race, each organization groups its participants into an unlimited number of four(4)-person teams in order to determine the race's top teams. Awards are presented for individual and team performances.

Each company entered is led by a Company Captain, who creates the company team, recruits participants, and manages the team. Teams of competitive runners have a chance to qualify for the Series Championship, where they will compete against the champions from all the Series events for top honors in the corporate running community.

Participating companies use the event as a platform to promote health and fitness in the workplace, foster goodwill and camaraderie among their employees, and show their commitment to the community and best environmental practices. The Corporate Challenge strives to make a difference through a donation to a not-for-profit organization in each host city, and through our operations initiatives designed to make the Corporate Challenge the world's greenest road race.

Date Wednesday 4th July 2018 and Thursday 5th July 2018
Time 6:45 PM
Location Battersea Park, SW11 4NJ
Distance 5.6km

Download Official Training Plan

Official 2018 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge® London training plan coming soon!.

Entry Fees and Deadlines

Entry Fee 31 GBP
Entries Open:

Thursday Race: 05, July 2018
On 19, February 2018 for company Captain registration
On Monday, 09 April 2018 for participant registration

Wednesday Race: 04, July 2018
On 19, February 2018 for company Captain registration
On Monday, 16 April 2018 for participant registration

Entries Close

Thursday Race: 05, July 2018
On 31, May 2018

Wednesday Race: 04, July 2018
On 07, June 2018

If you are interested in becoming a Team Captain in 2018 and your company has never registered for the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge London, please sign up for the Team Captain mailing list by contacting

Payment Options

The following payment combinations are acceptable:

  • BACS - Companies contact Limelight Sports if they wish to pay by BACS. Please contact the team on email:
  • Bank Details    
    Account Name JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge
    Account Number 25421701
    Bank Branch JPMorgan Chase Bank, London (CHASGB2L)
    Sort Code 60-92-42
  • Credit Card - This is done through the website. Once you finalise your team in Captain’s Tools you will then be given a payment selection on your menu.
  • There will be a processing and handling fee of 15 GBP per team registration at the completion of registration.


Please Note:

  • Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable even in the case of event cancellation.
  • Due to course restrictions, the Race Organiser reserves the right to limit entries before the closing date.
  • Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis of online registrations and full payment received until the maximum number of participants has been reached.
  • To determine the submission date of your company entry, the Race Organiser will use the date that your company entry is finalised, or the date that full payment is made, whichever is later.
  • No changes will be allowed once the company entry has been finalised.
  • No transfer of places between runners.
  • No race day entries will be accepted.
  • Race packs will not be released until all entry fees have been paid.


Race Night Hospitality

The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge provides the ideal opportunity for corporate entertainment and team building. Entertain your company’s team and other colleagues after the event on race night in our Hospitality Village. Click this link to visit our Hospitality page.

Race Organiser Contact Information

Limelight Sports

By post or courier:
WeWork c/o Limelight Sports (J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge) 
30 Stamford Street

Race Packet Pickup

There will not be race pack collection on race day. All Team Captains will be sent their team’s bibs prior to race day. All runner bibs will be sent to your company captain who will distribute these before you arrive to the event.

Scoring and The Championship

The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge will be scored using a chip scoring system. Each runner number will have a timing chip affixed to the back. Official timing for team scoring purposes begins when the participant crosses the start mat.

The Company Captain will determine the composition of the male, female and mixed teams representing his/her company AFTER the race. Teams must be organised online using Captain's Tools and in accordance with the scoring rules located on our Event Details page.

Participants will be automatically organised into 4-person male, female, and mixed teams based on the chip times. Each name will be assigned to only ONE (1) team. The score for each team is obtained by adding together the finish times for all four (4) members.

Complete teams are composed of:

  • Male team: four (4) men
  • Female team: four (4) women
  • Mixed team: two (2) men and two (2) women

Company captains must confirm their teams online the day after the race by using Captain's Tools. You may re-organise the automatically assigned teams at this time if desired or necessary.

Individual and special awards will be listed on this website following each race. Team results will be added as soon as they are verified.

Teams of competitive runners have a chance to qualify for the Series Championship, where they will compete against the champions from all the Series events for top honors in the corporate running community.

A scoring team is made up of either four (4) males, four (4) females, or two (2) males and two (2) females. These teams will be made up of the four (4) fastest runners in each scoring category. The team captain will be able to create and submit the scoring team using Captain's Tools.

Learn more about Scoring rules go to our Event Details page.

Deadline Wednesday Race: 10 July 2018
Thursday Race: 11 July 2018
Notes The Team Captain will confirm team scores online using Captain's Tools.

J.P. Morgan, in celebration of the Corporate Challenge in London, will make a donation to a local not-for-profit organisation. J.P. Morgan makes locally-designated donations in each of the 13 Corporate Challenge events in seven countries on five continents.


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Race Rules

Participant Eligibility

  • The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge is open to teams of employees from corporations, small and large businesses, and financial institutions. Company and employee eligibility determinations shall be made exclusively by JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Series Owner) and/or its authorized representative. All decisions shall be final. Verification of eligibility must be provided upon request.
  • Employees of non-business organisations (e.g., federal, state, and local governments, quasi-governmental organisations and educational institutions) may compete and score only if they are on a team from the same unit, branch, chapter, or school at which they are directly employed.
  • Clubs, unions, political, social, athletic, and similar organisations may not enter their members, volunteers, or other non-employees.
  • Participants must be actively employed, working a minimum of 25 hours a week for at least three months prior to race day for the company they are representing. Temporary/casual employees, employees on leave, interns and sub-contractors are not eligible.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age on the race date.
  • Participants must be employed in the country in which the race is held. The company must have a facility in the country in which the race is held.
  • Each participant must register online in order to be officially entered and eligible to run. Participants certify that they are medically fit to run and fulfill the previously-listed employment requirements.
  • Each company must register a minimum of four (4) entrants to form ONE (1) complete team: a male team of four (4) men - OR - a female team of four (4) women - OR - a mixed team of two (2) men and two (2)  women to participate in the Corporate Challenge. Incomplete teams and individual entries will not be accepted.
  • Companies must register a minimum of ten (10) participants to be eligible for team awards.
  • Due to the large number of entries to be processed, all company teams and team members acknowledge that company and individual entries which do not qualify under these rules, whether or not they have been accepted initially by the Race Organiser, may be rejected by the Executive Race Committee either before or after any race and those teams and/or team members may be disqualified.
  • Due to course restrictions, the Race Organiser reserves the right to limit entries before the closing date.

Race Day Rules

  • Participants must complete the medical emergency information on the back of their race bib.
  • Participants must wear their assigned race bib in full view on the front of their shirt. Anyone found running with another person’s bib will be disqualified, and risks disqualification for the entire team.
  • Walker Policy: Walkers may not start in front of any runners and may not start the race early. Walkers must complete the exact 5.6km course route and may not take optional or shortened routes. Violation of this policy may lead to disqualification of the entire company team from this and future Series events.
  • Roller skates, skateboards, rollerblades, baby joggers, roller skis, bicycles, pushchairs, or animals are strictly prohibited anywhere along the race course. Their use will result in disqualification of the individual runner and possibly the entire company.

Scoring Rules

  • Participants must wear the race-provided timing chip to be scored. Scores will be based on the time elapsed between crossing the start and finish timing mats.
  • Each participant may be placed on only ONE (1) scoring team at each event. For example, a female participant may NOT score for both a female and a mixed team.
  • Once a company team has won a division in any of the Corporate Challenge races, those individual team members are not eligible to score on any other team at any other Corporate Challenge race.
  • Company teams representing retail stores that predominantly feature running shoes and apparel are not eligible for overall team awards.
  • Runners who will participate in the 2017 Championship may not be included on a team scorecard in any division for any of the 2017 regular Series races. These participants are eligible to be part of a corporate team roster and run in 2017 Corporate Challenge races, but they may not score.
  • Companies that do not meet the Championship Eligibility distance requirements may not be on any scorecard but are welcome to compete.
  • Ties between two (2) or more teams shall be resolved by determining which team wins the most one-on-one match-ups among their four scoring members, comparing first to first, second to second, and so on.
  • The top five (5) male and female finishers will be the first five (5) eligible runners of each sex to cross the finish line.

Championship Eligibility

  • All Participant Eligibility rules apply to the Championship Eligibility along with the additional qualifications below.
  • For U.S. events, your company is eligible if it is based in or has one (1) or more offices in the greater metropolitan area of the city in which you are competing. For international events, your company is eligible if your company is based in or has one (1) or more offices in the country in which you are competing.
  • At least three (3) members of the qualifying team must be employed at an address (or addresses) in the greater metropolitan area (for U.S. events) or country (for international events) of the event in which they are competing.
  • Individual runners who participate in the 2017 Championship cannot participate in the 2018 Championship, without exception.  Runners who qualified for the most recent Championship but did not attend are eligible to qualify the following year.

Additional Rules

  • The Series Owner reserves the right to reject or disqualify any entrant or team whose conduct is inappropriate to the spirit of the race. Individual disqualification may lead to the disqualification of the entire team and/or company for one or more races, delay, postpone, cancel, or not officially time any race in the event of adverse weather conditions. The determination of what constitutes adverse weather conditions is reserved solely to the Executive Race Committee. Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, even in the case of event cancellation.
  • All rules are subject to interpretation by the Race Organiser and Executive Race Committee. All decisions of the Executive Race Committee are final.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for All Participants

At the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, all participants must follow the Rules of Competition and conduct themselves in a courteous manner, showing respect for all fellow participants, volunteers, Event Staff, and members of the community. Proper race etiquette is required at all times, including being aware of surroundings/announcements and following instructions from event officials. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.


Runners must arrive early enough to enter their corrals on schedule. They must remain respectfully quiet during pre-race announcements and the playing of the national anthem (in the U.S. only).


The use of headphones or earbuds is strongly discouraged. If runners must wear headphones, they must ensure they can hear all announcements/ instructions and remain aware of their surroundings, including other participants


In accordance with city ordinances, participants may only urinate in provided toilet facilities. They must be considerate in Porta Potty lines (never cutting ahead of others). Public urination in any part of the race venue, course, village or otherwise could result in disqualification and a police summons.

Running Courtesy

  • Participants should not run in groups of three or more abreast, as wide groups become barriers to other runners on the course.
  • If someone behind a runner calls out, "On your left," the runner in front should move to the right to let the participant behind them pass.
  • Participants should never stop abruptly on the course (to drink at a Water Station or to tie shoelaces, etc.).
  • All runners must exercise extreme care when spitting or blowing their noses to avoid soiling nearby participants.

Race Attire

Male participants are strongly discouraged from racing without shirts and/or removing their shirts during the Corporate Challenge. Runners must wear their bibs on the front of their torsos, where they can be visible at all times.


Series events are conducted in public parks and streets. Participants must deposit all trash in provided receptacles, including at Water Stations, where they must take care to avoid hitting other participants with discarded cups. Recycling and compost bins should be used whenever possible.


If any participant encounters a runner in distress, they should offer assistance and/or report the situation to the nearest Aid Station. If possible, they should also call 911 (U.S. races) or the local emergency medical number.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited from all J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge events and race venues:

  • Weapons of any kind, including firearms, knives, mace, etc.
  • Any dangerous item or “dual use” item that could be considered dangerous, including hammers, saws, sharp objects, etc.
  • Flammable liquids, fuels, fireworks, toxic chemicals and explosives • Large packages, coolers, pop-up tent or camping tents and lean-tos
  • Duvets, sleeping bags and large blankets or comforters
  • Unmanned aerial devices, drones, survey balloons, photography mini-copters, or any other flying device
  • Opaque trash/plastic bags (clear trash bags are allowed)
  • Animals/pets
  • Folding chairs, camp chairs and tables of any kind
  • Glass containers
  • Containers of liquid larger than one liter
  • Strollers (all kinds)
  • Suitcases and rolling bags
  • Camelbacks and any type of hydration backpack (fuel belts and handheld water bottles are allowed)
  • Weight vests or any other vests with multiple pockets, especially those that can be used as water reservoirs
  • Costumes that cover the face and any bulky outfits that are not reasonably form-fitting
  • Props, including sporting equipment, military and fire gear, and signs larger than 11” x 17”
  • Selfie sticks and camera mounts/rigs that are not attached directly to participants' heads or torsos

Violation of any of the rules indicated herein, in the Race Pack, and/or in the race day announcements, may result in disqualification of any participant, team, and/or entire company for this and/or future events. The decision of the Executive Race Committee is final.