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The 2017 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge® in Buffalo is scheduled for Thursday, June 15. We encourage every employee of your company to enter, whether they are experienced racers, joggers or walkers. We thank you for your interest in fitness and health, and look forward to seeing you at Delaware Park!

Online Registration
Create your company team online.
Register yourself if you plan to participate.
Use Captain Tools
Registration Instructions
J.P. Morgan, in support of the Corporate Challenge in Buffalo, will make a donation to a local not-for-profit organisation. J.P. Morgan makes locally-designated donations in each of the 13 Corporate Challenge events in seven countries on five continents

The Company Captain

The Company Captain plays an instrumental role on behalf of the participating company and is the liaison with the Race Coordinator. The Company Captain is responsible for forming a team, recruiting runners, finalizing the entry, obtaining and distributing race day materials to the participants, and submitting scores. The Company Captain also makes hospitality arrangements, if desired.

A convenient checklist is available which details the responsibilities of the Company Captain.

The Registration Process

There are three steps in the registration process: 1) the company team is created, 2) participants register themselves, and 3) the company team is finalized. If participants do not pay their own registration fee, then the Company Captain will pay when the team is finalized.

Each company team may have an unlimited number of registered participants. However, you must meet the minimum registration requirements - four men for a male team, four woman for a female team, or two men and two women for a mixed team.

Please Note:

  • No additions will be allowed once the company entry has been finalized.
  • No race day entries will be accepted.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable even in the case of event cancellation.
  • Race packets will not be released until all entry fees have been paid.

Create Your Company Team

Create your company team by using the link provided at the top of this page, which will first take you to the Captain Tools log in page. New company captains must create an account using the appropriate link, and current company captains should use the "forgot your password" link to re-set their password. Click the link again, log in, and you will get the Company Entry Form. You will be asked for contact information, information about your company, payment method (captain pays or runners pay), and the number of runners you expect to register for your company team.

When re-setting your password and using the "forgot your password" link:

  1. You will be emailed a password reset link. Click on the link from the email. Please note: password reset emails will be sent from support@jpmorganchasecc.com, so make sure this email address is on your safe list.
  2. Enter a password and confirm password

Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and include:

  • one lowercase letter
  • one uppercase letter
  • one special character

You may not use one of your 5 last passwords.

Once your team is created, your personalized company team page lists your participants as they register and your company's results will be displayed here after the race.

The Captain Tools link lets you customize your company home page and change your password, and provides team management tools to email your participants, finalize your team and make credit card payments. If you need to update your company's or a participant's information, please email the race coordinator.


Next, register yourself if you plan to run, using the registration link at the top of this page. Provide your company employees with the details of the race and direct them to this website to register themselves.

Finalize your Company Team

After all of your participants have registered, use Captain Tools to finalize your entry and make a credit card payment, if desired. Submit payment by the entry closing deadline to complete your company entry. See Payment Options below. If payment is not received by the deadline, your company team entry may be rejected.

Payment Options

Payments are accepted by credit card and company check or money order. There is no limit to the number of credit card payments per company entry, however, only one company check or money order will be accepted per company entry. The following payment combinations are acceptable:

  • Individual runners may pay by credit card as they register online.
  • A company captain may pay for the entire team by credit card when finalizing the entry, or submit a company check or money order for the entire team.

A credit card processing fee of $1.75 for individual payments and $25.00 for company captain payments will be charged.

Company Entry Checklist

  • Create your team online.
  • Distribute race details and registration instructions to all potential team members.
  • Ensure that your team members are registered correctly before the deadline.
  • Finalize your company entry using Captain Tools, and pay your entry fees before the deadline. See Race Details for dates and payment details.

For further information or assistance with the entry process, please read through the information posted on this website, or contact the Race Coordinator.

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