Participants of the 2016 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.

Buffalo Hospitality Information

We’ve owned and operated the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Buffalo for 38 years and our objective is to always improve the experience for our ever-growing number of participants. For 2019, we have focused a great deal of attention on the Hospitality area and the entire process of reserving your tent site.

We have adjusted the process to dramatically decrease the amount of time Team Captains need to spend planning Hospitality and to elevate the experience on race night. We have a single vendor for all of the tents that are rented for the event as well as the Bring Your Own Tent (BYOT) section, and the Community Hospitality Zone.  Please click here to see all your options for team camaraderie and networking after the race.

To complete your hospitality reservation, please follow the steps below by accessing the Hospitality Order Form in your Captain’s Tools. All ordering and payments must be completed online through your Captain's Tools and must be finalized by Tuesday, May 21. Payments are due no later than Wednesday, May 28.


  1. Either select a pre-designed tent package (includes tent, tables and chairs) or select the size tent that you want to rent. When you have made your selection, the total cost will include all processing and handling fees.
  2. If you are renting a pre-designed package, and you do not need any additional accessories (i.e. grill, cooler or chafers), proceed to checkout.
  3. If you have selected just a tent, please then select the tables, chairs, and additional accessories (i.e. grill, cooler, chafers). When you have made all of your selections, proceed to checkout.
  4. If you do not need any additional items, proceed directly to checkout.


  1. Companies may bring their own tent to the event.  In order to do so, they will select BYOT on the Hospitality Order Form found in their Captain’s Tools and proceed to checkout.
  2.   There are two BYOT Permit Options for 2019
    1. BYOT Small – This is for tents that are no larger than 10x20
    2. BYOT Large – This is for tents that are no larger than 20x20
  3.   Additional benefits for all those that choose BYOT
    1.   Valet Service to transport tent and additional items to/from your location
    2.   Supplemental onsite tent staking
  4. No additional a la carte items may be ordered for this Hospitality option (i.e. tables, chairs, grill, coolers, etc.)

Please Note - A BYOT tent would classify as the person who is purchasing the tent permit, owns the tent they are bringing onsite. For liability purposes, you may not rent a tent from a tent vendor and bring it on site to set up yourself. Our preferred tent vendor is the only tent vendor that will have access to park grounds to deliver and set up tents at the site location. No other tent vendors will be authorized to access company hospitality sites on race day. Once your purchase is complete you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your purchase. The final Hospitality site map will be available online one (1) week before the race.

All teams with a tent onsite be sure to:

  • Advise all participants of your tent location and share the site map with your team members.
  • Share the site map with any caterers making deliveries to your tent. 
  • Please keep your area as clean as possible, bring along plenty of trash bags to dispose of your trash and use the provided trash cans on site. It is very important that we leave the park as clean as possible.


Companies are welcome to organize their own catering for their participants. Catering companies will have access to Delaware Park via Ring Road and the Jewett St. Entrance only, between the hours of 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm on race day. All delivery vehicles must place a sign on their dashboard indicating the companies they are delivering to. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to inform caterers of the location of their company tent. The Ring Road will be closed for deliveries at 4:00 pm. All vehicles must be removed from the ring road by 5:00 pm. Any vehicles on the Ring Road will be ticked and towed at the owner’s expense.

Please note, all Hospitality reservations must be made by Wednesday, May 21. All reservations can be paid with a credit card in Captain's Tools or by check payable to JPMCC/Buffalo, and mailed to the following address:

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge - Buffalo
c/o Barwick Group
2316 Delaware Ave. #180
Buffalo, NY 14216

Note: Your space is not guaranteed until payment is made. Payments are due no later than Wednesday, May 28.

For any additional questions about Buffalo Hospitality, please email